Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of having a metal roof?

Metal roofs are fire retardant, light weight and particularly energy efficient. They can be provided in an extensive range of colours.

If I install a new colorbond roof will that appreciate the value of my property?

Yes, the installation of a new colorbond roof on an already existing home is without a doubt classed as a capital investment and will automatically add value to your property.

What inconvenience to my living arrangements or place of business will there be whilst roof is being renewed?

To date we have never had to relocate anybody from their home or place of business due to the installation of a new roof. So as a rule any inconvenience is limited only to the on-site works in which case we make every provision to accommodate the client’s needs.

What colors are available?

Refer to our services page for a full display of the colorbond range.

Are there varying types of insulation?

Yes, There is a choice between insulation’s depending on the clients requirements such as the intensity regarding deflecting the heat and capitulating the warmth and in addition to that there are also insulation with acoustic properties to reduce any form of noise.